anything else is unthinkable

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If it’s just a game

Then I like the way that we play

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Katniss and Gale

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Post-Mockingjay: Gale visits Katniss and asks for her forgiveness.

“It’s started to come back to me,” he says, “exactly what I did. Not just…the bomb, but everything.” Gale lifts his head, and it’s one of those rare moments where I see tears under his thick eyelashes. “I’m not asking for what we used to have, I know that’s gone, but…you have to forgive me. Please, I need help. I need you to help me, please, Catnip.” I sigh and go to him, wrapping my arms firmly around his waist. He sags into me and whispers; “I’m so lost.”

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madge/gale | my love [x]

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“The train will be here in two hours, according to my father. She’s coming home, Gale.” Madge said softly. “She’s coming home, but she’s not alone. She has her lover - she has Peeta. And I have - I had - you. Now, I don’t, do I? I knew it all along. Even though she’s two hours away, even when she was miles away, even when she was kissing him… Even though she may not have come home… You’re in love with her, aren’t you? I can see it in your eyes. And you can never love me like that, Gale.”

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Gale stared at Madge intensely through his piercing grey orbs. When her cool oceanic eyes met his, she swallowed the lump that was beginning to develop in her throat.
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